How to use wedding sparklers?


Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a person. Every couple wants their wedding day to be the most memorable day in their life. They make efforts to ensure everything is perfect on the special day. If you are getting married soon then you must ensure that you have made all the preparations. One of the most interesting things that you can include in your wedding party is wedding sparklers.

The sparklers have become very popular in parties especially during wedding parties. They have been extensively used by couples to add light and life to their wedding event. No doubt, the presence of sparklers adds vibrancy to the wedding party. If you are considering using wedding sparklers for your wedding then you must ensure that you are using them properly.

There are different ways you can use sparklers on your wedding day. They are discussed below:

1. During the ceremony

You can use sparklers on your wedding day during the wedding ceremony. When the ceremony is being held, your guests will hold the 36 inch wedding sparklers that will bring life to the ceremonial process.

2. On the wedding cake

Another good idea to use sparklers is to put them on the wedding cake. The eyes of all the guests present at your wedding party will be on the wedding cake. The presence of sparklers on them will add more fun to the cake cutting ceremony.

3. During the getaway

You can also consider using wedding sparklers while you are leaving the venue along with your spouse. It will be amazing to leave the venue amidst a shower of sparklers.

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