How to make your wedding great with sparklers


You’ve probably planes you grand entrance quite well, but what about your grand exit?

You are able to make a great impression in style with a wedding sparkler, one of the hottest summer outdoor wedding ideas! Our mission today – to help you plan a perfect wedding sparkler send-off with some tips provided by professional event planners. If you keep these key tips in mind, your sparkler send-off will go off perfectly… and you’ll have a lot of great photos to enjoy. Wedding sparklers are a fun way to entertain your guests and give your wedding photographer an opportunity to shoot some really fun and happy shots.

  1. Check your venue for permission

Before you order sparklers check with your venue to make sure wedding sparklers are not against their policy. Some venues do not allow sparklers because of insurance, safety, or hazards. Find out first – if it’s a go, move on to number two.

  1. Make an announcements

You need to have an announcement (as in a sign) for a several reasons: you’ll want as many guests as possible to be present at the sparkler send-off (do let them know what time it’s happening so they stick around). Also, make sure it’s a perfect time for that. Timing is very important: in the summer, it gets darker much later, so keep that in mind.

  1. Order personalised sparkler tags

Another way to make this moment unique and fit it into the atmosphere of your wedding. You can order them according to your wedding theme or just choose any design you want.

  1. Be sure that there is enough space

You need to be clear – where will your sparkler send-off takes place? Be sure sure it’s in an open outdoor location, its away from flammable or hazardous objects, for obvious reasons. Make sure it has enough space for all your participating guests to form two side lines, through which you’ll walk down the center of together.

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