How to plan a destination wedding


If you really dream about destination wedding (because we all know that pina coladas are much less fun in Newcastle) – this guide is right for you. We asked our partner event planner, who organizes destination weddings in the UK and to make a list of top ideas you need to consider before inviting your guests for your wedding in Jamaica.

  1. Make your research about flights. Consider location where will the majority of guests be flying from? Can they get there without three plane changes changing? You need to check if there are sensibly priced flights available and convenient routes exist.
  2. What is the weather like? Many seaside countries or islands provide lower rates in the late summer and fall because low season may bring heavy rains or hurricanes. Look hrough the average temperatures for the month you’re planning your wedding and try learning in advance if it’s the rainy season.
  3. Explore the area. You can ask about the minimum stay at the hotel. Some hotels may require longer stay, so make sure there’s an alternative option for your friends and family. who aren’t doing a long trip. Ask as early as possible about suppliers. In many resort locations, there is one decorator, one wedding planner, a handful of caterers, maybe one band or two. Less options means easier choice, but if you’re picky be prepared for limited choices.
  4. Check for high season. Don’t plan your wedding during high season, festivals or whatever else magnets tourists and increases prices. On the other side: Do you want to get married during the off-season, when most of the restaurants are closed and there’s nothing happening around?
  5. Remember how rich (or poor) your friends are. Will you be sad you picked Punta Cana when half of your just-out-of-college buddies can’t afford to come? Or can only stay for two nights instead of making it a weeklong party like you planned?

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