Freelensing in Modern Wedding Photography


Freelensing is simple in theory, but somewhat difficult in practice. To do it, you merely set your camera on manual mode, carry your lens up to the camera without installing it, tilt the contact lens in the preferred way, and then shoot. This kind of might sound simple enough, but it takes some steady hands and a lot of patience to get a good shot.

When freelensing for weddings, what you aren’t basically doing is turning your lens into a tilt-shift lens; the results are the same. Tilt-shift lenses work by transforming the place of emphasis. Normally your plane of focus is parallel to your sensor/film. When you tilt the lens, if you’re changing the angle of the plane of emphasis. Whichever way you point the lens, which is way the plane of target angles towards. For occasion, for anyone who is holding your camera in a normal position, the more you lean your lens over the less it becomes parallel with the vertical plane of your sensor and the greater it tilts towards the horizontal plane of the floor.

Also when freelensing for weddings photographs, you can shift the lens by moving it parallel with the sensor. This alters perspective, but keeps the plane of focus in its normal position.

What’s the point?

By manipulating the point of focus, you can create some very interesting and unique images. You may selectively give attention to certain things and create bokeh in manners you couldn’t normally. You can even create “miniature scenes” by decreasing the depth-of-field over a sizable scene like a town square. On the other hand you can raise the depth-of-field and take far-reaching surroundings freelensing for weddings photographs with the need to stop the apperture all the way down.

Lens shifting is frequently used in architecture picture taking as it allows for a different perspective. When ranking at the base of the tall building and capturing up, the lines of the building are not parallel. The bottom of the building looks bigger than the top because the top is further away, and the lines of the building converge towards that point. By moving the lens, you can make the lines of the building look straight without ever changing your position.

Freelensing for weddings is something that we will surely implement during this wedding season. You can just love the mood of photographs taken using this technique so much and be certain that couples will love it too.

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