Buying Loose Diamonds At Wholesale Prices

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If you are in the process of buying or designing an engagement ring – you should definitely consider some very important tips. The hole experience and price especially are going to depend on  carat weight, shape, cut quality, clarity grade and certificates available.

Carat Weight

I think this is the most frequent question you will be asked when buying loose diamonds, cause in comparison to other factors, carat weight has a great and direct effect on a loose diamond’s price.

In addition, carat weight is very important, as it will define the size of the diamond for your ring.  What are your fiance-to-be’s expectations?  Is she going to love a 2 carat diamond?  Won’t she be disappointed with a 0.50 carat loose diamond?

These are very important questions, so you should make sure to make your own research before making a purchase.

Diamond Shape

This is the second important question you’ll have to solve when buying a loose diamond is what diamond shape you should choose?  To be sincere – its more about your esthetic taste and your girlfriend’s preferences. In case can’t get the answer from her, and you definitely do not want to ask her, then the best option is round brilliant.

Diamond Cut Quality

In the beginning you simply set the bases for more technical decisions.  Hen you understand how big and what shape you want a diamond – you need to decide its cut quality. Cut Quality will also have huge effect on the price. Must say that choosing a cut quality can be complicated, however, since cut grades are not regular at all across the different suppliers.

Some suppliers can offer a cut grade on their round diamonds and base them on the certificate’s cut grade (with the exception of AGS, the labs do not offer cut grades on fancy shapes).

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