Best places to run away with your best half in the US

Planning a wedding is a hard time for all of us. All the stress associated with finding the right place, inviting the right people, paying for all the services like catering and photography… it could kill you. Many young couples seem to reconsider their wedding – why marry the conventional way, when you can elope? It saves so much more money, gives the opportunity to invite whoever you want to, without being obliged to family and relatives, and it’s so romantic!

Having a traditional wedding never lets the actual partners spend time on each other on their special day due to the culminating pre-wedding hype. I remember a moment of my own wedding, nervous, stressed-out by planning this day, surrounded by lots of people, when I thought to myself: “I just want to get away from here!” I didn’t do it. And I don’t regret the decision I made, but if I had decided to elope, I’d certainly do it at some of the places listed below. Running away in secrecy is the essence of eloping, so why not? Each one of these places is a dream come true and may feel like you’re in a fairytale. If you’re planning to have an alternative wedding, be sure to check these spots out.


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