5 ideas for an extreme wedding

skiing wed

A wedding is a memorable moment, some couples may choose to have just an ordinary wedding in a lovely backyard or a local chapel while other may choose a destination wedding in an exotic place. Having an extreme way is one way is one way to make your wedding memorable. The following are 5 ideas for extreme weddings that will certainly get your guests stunned.

· A suspended wedding

If you want to have a wedding in the air but not with airplanes, then you can consider a suspended wedding where both the bride and the groom are suspended on bungee or trapeze style and finally have your first kiss from a romantic spot in the air.

· Wing walker wedding

A wedding outside the airplane is also one of the extreme wedding ideas. In this wedding, the groom, bride and the officiant stands on the wings of separate planes and use megaphones to shout the vows. After the vows, the bride and groom walk towards each other and kiss.

· Zero gravity wedding

If you have several thousand dollars, you can have a zero gravity wedding. Rent a NASA airplane, the one they use to train astronauts and fly in parabolic arcs. At the top of the arc, you will get two minutes of zero gravity which is enough to exchange vows, rings in the second arc and have an upside down kiss on the third arc.

· A nude wedding

There have been many wedding where the guests are dressed as soldiers, pirates, star trek or Star Wars characters but very few attempt to do the ultimately no clothes wedding. Wearing your birthday suit during your wedding takes a lot of guts and understanding. If being nude is somehow important to you, then you can consider having a nude wedding.

· An underwater wedding

Underwater weddings have always created that wow moment since the 1970s. They have actually become the trend in Mauritius thanks to the breathtaking sea life and crystalline water. Couple have different options for the ceremonies, some choose to write the vows when under water other sue specialized speakers so that the guests can hear them. Whichever way, a wedding under water makes it among the extreme wedding ideas.

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