How to choose a suitable wedding dress?

To choose a suitable wedding dress can be arduous. The basic principle you should keep is trying to make the fabric and style of the wedding dress perfectly complement your body type.

Any dress style can be available to tall brides. You can choose A-line wedding dresses, mermaid dresses and straight dresses. Never think about Empire line dresses or flowers and bouquets that are not proportionate to you and your body type.

As for the petite bride, an A-line wedding dress would be perfect, because this kind of dress may lengthen your body and make you look slim. In this sense, you should refuse sheath-style wedding gowns, in that sheaths may shorten the whole body. And full skirts which will cause you to be “bottom heavy” should also be rejected.


For broader shouldered brides, you can try bridal dresses with halter or off-the shoulder neckline, or you can adopt strapless wedding gowns together with fine cute accessories which can go well with your body type.

Off-the-shoulder bridal dresses will work nicely with large-busted brides. This dress style may appeal the attention upwards by stressing the shoulders. Bear your mind to steer clear of full skirts which may make your whole body look large and fat. Narrow skirts are your best choice.


However, full skirts will work great for a bride with pear-shaped body type who is searching for a bridal dress that can attract attention to their upper body. In this case, a laced-up corset-style bodice will also enable you to achieve this aim. It can complement your body type well by highlighting your upper body. Besides, an A-line skirt, strapless ball gown and Empire dress can also go well with this body type. Never apply pleats or gathered fabric and other similar embellishments around the waist.

For brides with fuller waist, high-heeled wedding shoes may help you to lengthen your whole body. And bridal gowns with fantastic accessories will work great to complement your body type. So princess-line wedding dresses can be suitable for you.

For brides who want to elongate the line of arms, you should refuse sleeves that are cut tight. Bridal dresses with three-quarter or long sleeves can work magic.

The most ideal choice for a full-figured bride is the A-line wedding gown as well. It may appeal the attention away from your waistline. An Empire wedding dress will be another wonderful choice for this body type because it can minimize the waist and hips, and is quite proportionate to your body.


Here is a rule for your reference: make sure the color you choose can make you stand out. In other words, avoid colors close to your skin tones. For example, if the tone of your skin is yellow, it is wise to avoid ivory wedding dresses. Ivory wedding dresses will make you fade away. In like wise, those with very fair skin should better not purchase a pure white wedding dress. It will drain the person’s look and will not flatter their skin tones. People with darker skins find it easier to purchase a suitable wedding dress, since most of the white tones can flatter their skins.

Pure white is good color for people with dark and yellow skin. It is very bright and pure and can make you stand out.

Silk, diamond and natural white are very close to stark white. They are softer than stark white and will not fade a very fairy skin away. They are safe and can be worn by most people.

Those who have dark and pink colored skin are advised to choose some ivory colored wedding apparel. Ivory is similar to an off-white shade that’s pearly, creamy, and candlelight. It smartens up your skin color and helps you glamorous.


Obviously it is not proper for pink skin brides to wear champagne wedding dresses. However for dark and yellow skinned brides, champagne and rum, with a slight hue of pink but is still white, is a smart choice.

Surely, the principle is not only suitable for wedding dresses. It can be generally applied when it comes to choosing other dresses and clothes.

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