10 Luxurious Ideas for a Romantic Wedding

Designing the dream wedding from scratch doesn’t have to be a difficult affair. Whether you’re looking for the perfect detail planning, the lavish ceremony space or the exquisite centerpieces that speak to you, we’ve got you covered.
Pick your favourite luxury wedding ideas and plan the romantic ceremony the memory of which will last a lifetime.


It All Starts with the Wedding Invitations

Start planning in style. Wedding invitations already offer your guests a feeling of the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception and the fabulous time that is about to come. Imprint the lush feeling with some of these luxury wedding invitation ideas and create a sense of anticipation for your romantic wedding.

1. Luxe details and layered fabric. This is one of the latest trends concerning wedding invitations. Layered silk, lace and damask paired with caligraphy-style lettering and silver or golden intricate decorations are a sure success.

2. Boxed wedding invitations. This is one of our favourite ideas for wedding invitations. Placing an intricately designed invitation in a perfectly tailored box finished with a lavish detail in tune with your wedding theme is perfect to create that sense of anticipation.


3. Laser cut couture. Another hit trend for wedding invitations, this design is highly creative. Once you decide on the laser cut patterns that will frame and embellish the text, the end result is stunning. Keep the colours tuned to your wedding theme or opt for classics such as pearly hues or champagne.

Drive to the Aisle in Style

When planning a luxurious wedding, hailing a taxi to the aisle won’t do. You need to plan this aspect thoroughly and well in advance. The classic limousine is one option. However, if you have the opportunity to switch from modern limousines to vintage cars you should by all means take it. Read some vintage car rentals reviews before you actually decide.

4. Vintage car rentals services are a formidable source of ideas and options to arrive in style. Feel like royalty when arriving at your wedding reception in a vintage Rolls Royce. The 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is an exquisite choice.


Up the Wow Factor with Luxury Aisle Arrangements

Aisle arrangements are a powerful wow-factor. After all, the aisle is the first venue where the guests, the bride and the groom will meet. Aisle arrangements can transform a rather common space to reflect your romantic wedding ripe with lavish details.

5. Use oversized aisle arrangements. Carefully manicured floral arrangements placed in oversized aisle arrangement won’t just offer a romantic feeling to the ceremony space. They will also welcome guests and create a pleasantly fragranced atmosphere. Use these arrangements to create a gateway at the entrance to the aisle, hanging on the chandelier or to decorate the altar.


6. Find the perfect pedestal flower arrangements. These can be used to outline the aisle. Placed to each aisle row, pedestal flower arrangements will offer a chic deluxe look to the ceremony space.

7. Pedestal flower arrangements and floating candles. Use clear glass holders of all sizes next to pedestal flower arrangements to create a romantic, warm and welcoming ceremony space.

Set the Table with Luxe Details

Once the ceremony is over, the romantic wedding reception is about to start. These are our picks for luxury wedding table details to create the perfect romantic setting.


8. Jeweled place cards. There are plenty of ideas on how to give name place cards an upgrade to the deluxe category. One of them is to add sparkle to the place cards and make your guests feel like royalty too. If you used a similar design for wedding invitations, then striking a balance between the jeweled details on the stationery and the name place cards is a great idea.

9. Crystal centerpieces. Over-the-top cascading crystal centerpieces add just the right lavish touch to your romantic wedding reception. Match them with minimalist flower arrangements and enjoy the glamor and sparkle.

10. Intricate flower sculptures. Inspired by the Asian culture, flower sculptures framed on natural design elements such as bare tree branches bring a fresh yet lush look to wedding tables. It’s recommended that flower sculptures are used moderately as they are truly remarkable statement pieces.


Take a deep dive into these ideas for a lavish romantic wedding to help you become your own wedding planners. Every newly married couple deserves the glam of a refined wedding and the good memories that come with it. Create the romantic wedding of your dreams and the perfect luxury spaces to host it.

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